G.C.E. Advanced Level (A/L) Chemistry Notes

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1. Atomic Structure

1.5. Periodic table

3.2. Redox

4. States of matter

5. Energetics Enthalpy

6.1. Inorganic chemistry S block

6.2. Inorganic chemistry P block

6.3. Inorganic chemistry D block

7.2 Organic Reactions

7.3. Organic nomenclature

7.4. Isomerism

8. Hydrocarbons(alkanes,alkenes,alkynes)

8.3 Benzene and Derivatives

8.6. Alkyl Halides,Grinard reagents,Alcohols

11. Reaction kinetics

12. Chemical Equilibrium

12.2. Acid Bace

12.4 KSP

12.5 Phase Equilibrium

13. Electro Chemistry

14. Environmental Chemistry

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